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Casino Table Games

There are other games and special options that some casinos have, the truth is that casino table games can be included in 5 large groups, on which different variatians are made


We close the list of the main casino table games with the undisputed queen, the venerable matron of the game, the one that has been spinning with the same design since the 18th century and continues to make all the players in the world fall in love: roulette!


Poker is a whole underworld within casino table games. It is surely one of the games in which luck plays a smaller role, and much more depends on the skill of the player.


This game, also known as “Baccarat”, occupies an iconic place in the imagination of casino table games thanks to the James Bond movies. It is a very fun card game in which there are different variations, and be careful because the changes are very sensitive!


Among all the table games in a casino, probably the one that arouses the most emotions is craps or dice.

Take advantage of bonuses

All bonuses are unique. Some have certain wagering requirements that players must meet before they can receive that win. Those online casino offers that do not require a deposit are important and can be very beneficial for any player, especially if you are a beginner or trying new gambling sites. The interesting thing is that you can receive an effortless bonus, just for opening a new account, and it is not necessary to deposit money to claim this benefit.

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Successful in casino games

The world of betting is clearly booming and it is no coincidence. Technological advances by leaps and bounds practically daily and all companies adapt to these new changes, with the internet and new technologies being responsible for the expansion of online gambling, since they offer many facilities to bet on any casino entertainment that perhaps before it was unknown. In this note we will give you some tips to bet in online casinos in the best way.

Play the games that give you more chances

It is important to know the probabilities of obtaining additional advantages, so we recommend that you learn and inform yourself about the strategies and conditions of the game you choose.

Casino Article

Roulette Betting Systems

Before exposing the best known betting systems for roulette, French and American, we must make a necessary and necessary premise: there are no methods and systems that can guarantee winnings, the dealer, even in apparently 50/50 bets, always has a house edge, and the systems that follow could only be successful if you had an unlimited playing budget which is not possible.

Biloxi System

A simple strategy created to convert winning bets by covering two columns and different numbers following a predetermined strategy.

This system requires 6 tokens to be placed on the first and third columns. One will then have to put one on the line between 0 and 00, one between 8 and 11, one between 17 and 20 and one between 26 and 29.

Column System

A system that requires some training and running-in, it will be necessary to note the progress of the game to be applied to bets with high payout percentages.

Dozen System

A simple betting system whose name speaks for itself: you have to bet on the dozen or 12 numbers at the same time.

Dozens pay 3: 1 , a method that will not make you very rich in a short time but that certainly in the long run can bring great results and an increase in bankroll.

Zero System (French Roulette)

It may seem like a crazy and pure gamble but not if you combine it with secondary strategies. A system that could win a lot in the long run but to be used with caution.

Paroli System

A classic among roulette betting systems. The system is quite simple and consists of playing three consecutive strokes without withdrawing the winnings, then re-betting the winnings. For use in Black / Red, Pass / Do not pass bets.

Labouchere System

The simpler variant wants the player to establish a series of numbers, such as 1 2 3 4 5 6, which can be longer or shorter and not necessarily sequential.

Each number of the sequence indicates the amount of units to bet, the bet is made with the first and last number of the sequence.

If you win, you bet with the following numbers in the sequence (2 and 5 in our case), if you win, you play the following numbers (2 and 3), and so on.

Martingale System

This system involves doubling a bet after a loss and an initial stake after a win.

If you bet $ 2 and lose on the next hand you should bet $ 4 if you win and continue with $ 2.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci betting system uses a mathematical sequence created by Leonardo Pisano, nicknamed Fibonacci.